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INJEX Needle-free

Albany Dental Surgery offers Needle-free dentistry

Albany Dental Surgery offers the latest in ultimate comfort dentistry.

Painful injections have now become unnecessary thanks to the INJEX System of needle-free anaesthetic delivery. The INJEX delivers local anaesthetic via a tiny, high pressure infusion which is pushed through the gum using compressed air. INJEX is virtually pain-free in most cases and helps to alleviate the common fear of needles that many people have.

'Numbness' is achieved quickly and efficiently, with a lower dosage, saving treatment time and anxiety. This is especially valuable when treating children and adults with a phobia of needles, as less numbness after treatment means less fear of going to the dentist.

Scared of Needles?

Experience needle-free dentistry today at Albany Dental Surgery.

The team at Albany Dental Surgery will be happy to discuss the INJEX System and the iPlus Laser, to ensure your visit to the dentist is both comfortable and of the highest quality.

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