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For pain and anxiety relief

We aim to make your treatment as comfortable and stress free as possible. We are now able to offer a non-invasive, 'inhaler-type', pain and anxiety relief.

Penthrox™ is a potent non-narcotic inhalation, which has a rapid onset and a gradual offset. It provides significant pain and anxiety relief during dental treatment. It is safe for use by adults and children young enough to breath in/out on the inhaler. Effective relief should be noticed after 6-10 breaths, which will persist for several minutes after ceasing inhalation. Penthrox™ is intended to reduce the severity of pain and anxiety, rather than eliminate it. In low doses it provides relief without producing anaesthesia and has a characteristic fruity smell. The sensation is one of 'feel-good' relaxation. You are in control of the level of your relief by directly inhaling Penthrox™ and exhaling through your nose or through the inhaler. The aim is to relieve pain until you feel comfortable, and then inhale intermittently during the treatement as required.

Fllowing treatment when Penthrox™ has been used the after effects are usually brief with no special post treatment assistance required. You may continue to work, drive, play sport, eat and drink normally.

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